MHI, Members Health Insurance Company, prides itself on understanding what matters to Medicare enrollees when it comes to protecting their finances from the costs of health care. Because there are many costs not covered by Medicare, we strive to help people fill those gaps with affordable and dependable coverage.

We know people prefer and expect to have choices. That’s why we offer a variety of eight Medicare Supplement plans, as well as two Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plans. All of our plans are approved by the federal government.

We also know that if you are about to turn age 65, or if you already have Medicare coverage, you want to save money, yet at the same time have dependable coverage.

MHI has the expertise and experience to do both of those. We are a subsidiary company of Farm Bureau Health Plans, which has been selling affordable Medicare-related health plans since Medicare’s beginning in 1966. No company has been serving the needs of Medicare enrollees with these types of protection any longer than we have.

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  • Benefits not provided for expenses incurred while coverage under the group policy/certificate is not in force, expenses payable by Medicare, non- Medicare eligible expenses or any Medicare deductible or copayment/coinsurance or other expenses not covered under the group policy/certificate.